Are You Complete?

I cannot believe it but moms will be 81 this year!
And the entire family is celebrating with her.
We have invited over 200 guests to the banquet!
This will be a month of family gathering.

I wonder what comes to mind when you think of family gatherings?
Some people are stressed just thinking about it!
And when you have a huge celebration with lots of extended family members around, emotions can run high with frictions and tensions.

I was watching Hallmark Movie last night (it's Mothers' Day)
They were showing movies that depict love and support and I had a good cry

How often do we stop and appreciate those we have around us?
I can understand that there are differences of opinions
But to let that stand in the way will drain you of vital energy
And waste precious life you can share together.

This song moved me a year ago,
After my teacher taught me about seeking completion in relationships
Especially important relationships.
Take a moment to listen to it and may it speak to you.

And while you still can, go seek reconciliation and completion.
It will be the best thing you can do for your own self care.
It's too late, when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

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8 comments on “Are You Complete?

  1. Great,
    let me think of something…
    my mum asked us helping her write a letter for relatives who live in China.. They had ever written a letter for my mum and she never replied, it’s about 50years ago.
    Hope they will reply my mum’s letter and gather together again~
    Happy family day!!!

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