Abundance at Half Tank

Today I met with a lady that runs an association which helps single mothers find their ways in the world. The changes in their circumstances meant that they need to adapt and to address the many practical issues of daily life – without the aid of a partner.

As I listened to the sharing faced by these single mothers, I got a glimpse of some their challenges. And the questions that ran through my mind the entire time of the conversation were:

Have these single mothers been left out of the realm of abundance?
Have they somehow been ” victimized” therefore never to experience abundance?
Can these single mothers experience and live a life of abundance given the circumstance that they are in?

Put in another context, for those of us who are facing tough times and challenges (personally or in our work and business), we may sometimes feel insecure and incomplete, and the same doubts may race through our minds.

We often wonder if we have what it takes to do the work before us.
We wonder too if we can add value to others when we are not yet perfect or successful.
And we question ourselves if we can really do “it” on our own.
Too often the little voice in our head casts doubts and fears into our minds.

Well, I have a picture I hope to impress on your mind today.
The next time the little voice shouts in your ears and tries to cast doubt and fears, ask this questions: Can a car at half tank run at full speed and function just as well as one that is running at full tank?
The answer is a resounding “Yes“.

Yes, you can say that again.

Now that challenges us to take a second look at the meaning of abundance.  Do we need to be at our fullest capacity before our abundance overflow and we make an impact on those around us?

No, we can start right where we are.  We just make sure we put in more that we use up. We need to continuously feed our minds, our souls, our bodies and do whatever it takes to be at our best, and that half tank will be good enough to do whatever we have set out to do.

Just keep going, half tank is quite a lot really.  Use it wisely whether it is in your relationship, your work or your health.

We don’t want to wait for full tank before we start the engine.  Because we want to make use of what we already have now.  We do not know when ‘fullness of abundance” will come, perhaps it is already here.

Massive actions without reservations in the way we live and work will generate momentum and lead us to continuous progress and success. When we use the little that we have, we will miraculously find more to go on with. But, stop taking actions and we will be stagnant.  That half tank if kept and not used will serve no purpose.  “When we are not growing, we are dying“.

There is no need to wait until you are filled to the brim and at your fullest capacity before the work you do can make a difference in others’ lives. It is time to let go of self sabotaging thoughts and enjoy your life and your work.

Start impacting lives now with whatever you have been given, albeit at half tank. This is Abundance that overflows at half tank.

It is so important to keep your momentum and continue to take massive actions that I have set up a formula that will help you do just that. You can be making great progress and enjoying life no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Ignite the engine now and the car will run.

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  1. Louisa – enjoyed your article. What a cool reframe to think that I can be fully "operational" as long as there IS gas in my tank, rather than focus on the fact that it's not full – which only causes me to feel depleted.


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