Is Abundance choosing the Easy or the Necessary?

If I were to ask you to think back on 5 decisions that you made today, will you be able to tell how those decisions were made?  Let’s start with the alarm clock that rang in the morning.  What was the choice made on hearing the alarm?  Did you decide to lie in for a while or did you get up and went about with your morning rituals (structures which you set up to help you achieve your goals)?  Did you then habitually make yourself a cup of coffee or did you make some fresh fruit juice?  See where I am going with this? 

All through the day we are bombarded with choices we have to make for the issues and problems that are presented to us.  Are we aware of the basis on which we make these choices? Today, if losing weight is on your mind, you can choose to either go for a quick crash course at some slimming centres or you could enrol yourself into some sort of exercise program.  And if we are plagued with backaches or stiff shoulders, do we go for a quick muscle relaxant / pain killer or do we re-examine our postures and lifestyle and make conscious effort to treat our bodies with care and respect? 

Habitually, do we go for what is easy, convenient, fast and comfortable or do we look at the root of the issue and ask “What can I learn from this?”, “What changes do I need to make” and “How can I grow in this area?”  This can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient.  It can sometimes be so uncomfortable that we want to avoid going deep.  Why is it so?

Why do we choose the easy and ignore the good and the necessary? Surely abundance and prosperity is about new opportunities and possibilities and growth?   What motivates our choices? Why?  Are we embracing abundance or are we really more drawn to the comfortable and current state of being?  

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