Is Abundance too too too Excessive?

In one of tele class that I attend, we are encouraged to share of our wins and accomplishments and as we share, the class will project love, support and joy.  And when we have finished sharing, the entire class will go wild with cheers, clapping, whistling, high fiving and congratulating.  

If you have not experienced that before, I invite you to try it in your own small group. The energy that comes across is just tremendously powerful.  It never fails to wake me up (this is my normal Wed 4am tele class!) and get me all pepped up for the next 2 hours of value packed class discussion.

And as though that is not enough, the facilitator would ask the person who shares of the win to stand up, throw open his arms wide-stretched, stand tall, pull back his head and say “Yeap, and I’m that good!” and take a bow!

As coaches, we are so often caring and giving that we don’t get to exercise our receiving muscles a lot.  This exercise allows us to learn to both acknowledge ourselves and to receive so we can continue to give acknowledgement and support to others. How brilliant is this idea?  Since then I have always looked forward to this class; the energy that goes out to others when we celebrate their win is just as powerful if not more so.  It also challenges me to go out of my little comfort zone.

If this sounds a little too excessive or over the top then perhaps we have been too conditioned to take things for granted.  We discount achievements as mundane and humdrum.  We don’t share of our achievements because we are afraid that others may think we are tooting our own horns and so before long we are conditioned to not recognise and acknowldege these wins. 

We take our own strengths and accomplishments for granted – we discount ourselves, we undermine ourselves, we don’t appreciate ourselves nor do we give enough credit to ourselves. 

When was the last time you acknowledged yourself?  Or rather should the question be “Have you acknowledged yourself?”  When was the last time you were acknowledged for your achievements (however big or small)?   When will you start apprecitaing and nourishing the wonderfully made and awesomely unique person that you are?

And I have another wonderfuly encouraging facilitator who uses superlatives upon superlatives in his affirmations. “Very good” is never enough. For him, it’s always “very, very, very good” and he will repeat this at least twice as though to make it a point that he really really really thinks we did such an exceptionally incredibly well done job. The abundance that flows out from him creates miracles in our lives.  I have been so amazed at the power of this excessive abundance that I too now practise abundance in my words because I want others to know how amazing it is that they have accomplished what they accomplished.  Every effort deserves celebration, every step is gained with great determination and commitment!

I invite you to try this and share with me if the abundance you give does not return to you at least a few folds!  Today, let’s begin to pracitise abundance in our words and thinking!

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