Abundance of Blessing

We finally moved!   The movers arrived and so did the heavy downpour!  It did not rain, it poured!  The good old tropical storm with thunder and lightning as accompaniment; the whole orchestral play.

The canvas covering our furniture were blown off by the strong wind in the heavy downpour.   Our faithful car was following the movers from behind and as we watched the furniture dancing in the wind and beaten by the rain, my mom’s heart must have felt heavier than the weight of all the furniture added together! Believe me, this was not part of the plan.

And when we arrived at the new house, we were greeted by streams of water coming down through the roof of the main hall and the veranda.   I could not describe the look on mom’s wrinkled and weathered face.  Neither can I interpret dad’s expression.  The Chan clan went to work and the cleaning services took place immediately as most of the ground floor is now full of water dripping from either the roof, the furniture or our clothes.   What a move!  What an experience!

Dad kept shaking his head.  Mom was "a little" unsettled that God has not listened to her prayers and questioned if she could have prayed more fervently and persistently.    I commented  that perhaps God has welcomed us to the new house with showers and abundance of blessings, so much so that nothing can stop the magnitude of it, it just pours and overflows!

The reframing seems to work and a smile slowly formed on her weathered and wrinkled face – we laughed out loud together!   How much blessings can you handle?  We are talking about abundance here. 

Can you see the good and the beautiful in the most unexpected "disaster"?

Note: No, we are not happy with the contractors nor the movers and under the circumstances there is nothing we can do to salvage what is damaged now.  We decided to tie up the loose ends and release the negative emotions and move on.  When that decision is made, we felt a burden lifted and we discussed about what can be done moving forward.  Today as we talk about it, we could only laugh, what an experience, what a lesson! 

P.S  By the way, the nephews did a great job of mopping and drying whatever could be salvaged; the joy of having "cucus" (translated as grandsons)!  Talk about abundance of blessing for mom and dad!

P.P.S  And aren’t we grateful that the boys were there too.  There were a lot of noise and commotion in the house and I know that we will be having aches and pains and will need a good rest to sleep off the exhaustion accumulated over the past weeks in preparation for the move, but there is much to be grateful for…

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  1. Good thinking, what a change to a positive way can do to human. Keep it up, I suppose this is what it means by trainer/coach being the role model, right !!!

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