Abundance vs Letting Go

Abundance – surely it is the accumulation of wealth whether materially, physically or emotionally.  All through the ages, man has been pursuing the accumulation of riches.  But before we go into building up mode, it is necessary that we see if what we have accumulated is enabling, empowering or do they drain and dis empower us from reaching our full potential emotionally and physically. 

Much has been gathered through the years that builds up and clutters the space; it is getting a little suffocating and messy.  We need to seriously ask ourselves how are these serving us?   Do I like my present state?  Am I living the life I want to live?  Is this the abundance I seek?

Do we come short of abundance because there are blockages and barriers draining us of our energies and lives? Those stuff that I am keeping and guarding and hoarding, are they serving me or will I be better off letting them go!?  Why am I clinging onto them?

So before we go in search of and build riches and prosperity, we need to take stock, look inside ourselves and see if there is baggage that needs ridding off, clutters that need to be cleared first.  What are the emotional attachments that we are hanging onto?  What good does it serve to hang onto these?  Will we let go and bid farewell to the past so we can open our arms to welcome the future? 

Abundance is simplicity, clarity, focus and freedom.   

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