Everything Is Beautiful

What Do I Train In?
To better ensure successful performance of participants I need to not only deliver knowledge but also to consider basing my training on competencies which includes personal characteristics, attitudes, values and personality which are required to perform successfully.  Thus we are talking about competencies and not just knowledge.

Competency Based Training has clear Objectives / Results / Benefits
It is important to choose competencies that will enable participants to deliver the results we want.  For any training I want to have clear and specific learning objectives laid out so participants know what results to expect i.e. what job or function they can perform upon completing the training or what benefit they can expect upon completion of the course.  If this is not clear, it will be difficult to measure the effectiveness or success of the training.

How Is Competencies Based Training Facilitated?
To equip participants with competencies, I provide opportunities for learning by creating an environment where it is alright to be in progress and to be on a continuum of achieving competencies.   Instead of seeing things and acts as right or wrong, I rather see them as a work in progress, perfect the way it is and on the way to greater perfection.  By having this perspective, I make it very safe for participants to learn and grow.

Everything is Beautiful
Everything and everyone is just perfect and beautiful the way they are and on their way to greater beauty and excellence.  I hope this will enable you to learn, grow in confidence and be your best and true self!
Here’s to perfection and excellence! 

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