Stress Free Lifestyle for Single Moms – 7 Tips to Diffuse Your Stress

The best gift you can give yourself as a single mom constantly juggling many balls at the same time is a stress free lifestyle. Lifestyle for single moms need not be stressful; it can be relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Here are some tips for attaining that:

Tip 1 – Take Slow, Deep Breadth – Stop what you are doing and take long, slow, deep breath without having your mind race through the many things you need to get done all at once. Taking 1 to 2 minutes of deep breadth whenever you need to will help release stress.

Tip 2 – Clear the Tension in Your Body
– Loosen and relax any tensed muscles from the jaw to your neck, shoulder, arms, chest, hamstrings, knee calves and ankles. Unwind your body and hang loose. You will feel more composed.

Tip 3 – Clear Your Mind – Things can get overwhelming when we try to multi task. You think you are saving time but you are not able to give careful attention to any one of the task you are multi tasking. Choose one thing to work on at any one time and work your way through them one by one.

Tip 4 – Clear Your Vision – Know what’s the one thing you are pursuing so you do not end up running after all the good thing you want to have. Do not allow the many good things cloud out the one thing that you are pursuing.

Tip 5 – Clarify Your Purpose – Know why you are doing what you are doing. When your activities are aligned with your values, the activities will not seem burdensome but instead a mission and a joy which brings fulfilment.

Tip 6 – Choose Your Perspectives
– Life can be heavy and monotonous while we grind through what needs to be down or it can be fun filled. What if we see each day as a chapter in a play and you the main actress? How can you lighten up this moment as you go about your tasks.

Tip 7 – Clear the Junk! – Throw away mindset, attitude, activities, plans that do not help contribute to the one thing you are pursuing. You will have more time and space for living and enjoying a stress free life.

Apply these tips and you can live stress free lives. Better still be in a community with other single moms and share lessons learnt applying these tips. Being able to
talk about your experiences in a safe and supportive environment helps releases stress. Find a community in your area and get supported.

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