Happiness Is …

Human seems to be a fundamental pursuit of some level of happiness. And so, we greet each other "Happy New Year", "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Anniversary". What exactly are we wishig for others?  What would make them happy?

Are you happy?  If not, why not?  Will you be happy when you obtain / possess or achieve a certain thing?  Is happiness the elusive target that keeps escaping you when you thought you have just "arrived" at it?

To some, happiness means the absence of stress.  Being in a happy state certainly relieves you of stress. And when you are happy and make the conscious effect to maintain the state of happiness in your life, you are in a much better position to handle daily chronic stress iat work and at home.  And when you decrease your stress levels, it improve your overall quality of life.  No rocket science.

So how can you be happy?   It is worth while thinking through this lest you spent time and resource chasing after thing which you thought will bring you happiness only to find a sense of emptiness when you arrive.  What does happiness mean to you and what will bring you true happiness?

"Happiness has no key, because the door to happiness is wide open".  My intention is to help you and especially single mothers to access your happiness.  If you are wanting to embark onto this journey then join me at www.HappySingleMoms.com

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