Of Computers And Birthdays

In case you wondered why there has been such a silence, well it’s a combination of computer issues and my being away from my desk for a while to celebrate me.

You see, my laptop decides to start giving me various issues the past week and I finally had to have the technician over to fix it .   The poor man spent half a day trouble shooting and installing "stuff".   And that’s how I spent my birthday – with the computer man trying to fix my laptop at my place!  Not exactly how I would want it but it happens.    And let’s just say that I missed having access to my laptop.

The good thing is that I celebrated me a day before the actual birthday so we could do the count down.   And we had a good time catching up and reminiscing the birthdays we have had together since college days as overseas students.

The conversation went from how we used to have pot luck at each others apartment to how we now look 10 years younger that our chronological age!   Pretty interesting combination of topics!    Don’t ask me how we end up with that topic and don’t ask me for any secrets.   I guess this is one of those things that happens when you seek to live a happy, fulfilled, relaxed life

But let’s get back on topic.   I am back!   And
I will be catching up with my blog posts and communication this week.  I am eager to dive right back into action so watch this space!

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  1. On the subject of Birthdays – Happy Birthday, I did have you on my list of people to contact and it totally slipped my mind. I will not forget next year! Alan

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