You CAN If You Make Up Your Mind To

I want you to set aside 5 minutes to watch this video with open hearts. And then jot down how it has inspired you.

I watch this and related video over and over again as they speak to me from so many different angles.

If Rick and Dick can, why can't you or I?

See the sweet smile, the joy, the triumphant victory as he cuts the finishing line.
Rick too was tired, under the heat, dehydrated, exposed to harsh weather 
And he played at 100%.
He is in the game, he ventures, he goes beyond, he knows no limitation,
He lives and he triumphs!

If Rick and Dick can, why can't you or I?

Rick has done more than most able person has
He has great achievement and contributes greatly to community.
More about them can be found here.

He focus on what he has and how he can contribute – he became an inspiration.
He did no ask 'Why me?"
He asked "how can I make use of what I have to live and to inspire"(words mine)
Now if you can set aside another 6 minutes or so, watch this as well.

The next time you want to say you can't, think again.
There is really no excuse.
You CAN, but do you Choose To?

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8 comments on “You CAN If You Make Up Your Mind To

  1. HI Louisa,

    Many thanks fo sharing this inspirational video with us.. it made me speechless! This kind of fathers who that we need to believe in, boost and promote children creative abilities.. As well as, this kind of will we all need ( Rick). as I know there is nothing impossible and where there is a will there is a way! We all can let things happen or we can MAKE THEM HAPPEN.


  2. The cheers of a crowd inspires us and we do not get it often enough.

    For Rick to experience that so often – awesome. To enable Rick to live as “normally” as possible, Dick is a role model for dads and for children, to realize what their parents will go through for them.

    How do I view others? This helps to change my view.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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