Warriors of Light

Warrior Camp is coming up for those of us who have signed up for the Quantum Leap Program and I am all excited just thinking about the training!   This is going to be 5 full days of fun filled, intensive, ground breaking training for the making of warriors!

What come to mind when you think of the word "Warrior"?   While I value compassion and kindness, I also think it important to develop a strong and powerful inner core.  The inner core that does it inspite of all barriers, that lifts you up and above the obstacles so you actively reach out for your dream with your full potential.

There is a little warrior inside each one of us wanting to be nurtured and trained.  Allow the warrior in you to grow and conquer all fears, doubts and unnuecessary worries.   Let Love conquer Fear; venture into new and uncharted grounds.  Let your Light shine and overcome the darkness around!  Fight and you will win, feel the fear and fight anyways, Light always overcomes darkness!

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