Stressed By Global Financial Development?

Stressed out by what’s happening with the stock and credit market, the housing, banks and bail outs?  You are not alone; recent economic development has left no one untouched.

This morning, I was doing my morning exercise as advocated by Eben Pagen in his Wake Up Productive Program.  I went to the pool at the roof top for my “altitude” view and quiet meditation.  And as I closed my eyes, I can hear myriad of sounds; first it was the loud and aggressive pounding, drilling, humming of the heavy machines from the nearby constructions, then the banging, hammering of equipment and shouting of workers as they walk about the construction sites.

Occasionally, I hear traffic zooming by as parents send their children to the International School opposite my apartments.  Some rude and loud honking from impatient drivers spike the dull background noise and planks of wood were falling somewhere.   As I listened more intently, I began to hear the sound of birds chirping at high pitch in the background too, as well as funny noises coming from behind the plants near the pool side (I am not sure what insects those were).

I continue to concentrate on my deep, slow breathing and I begin to hear my own breathe; in and out, in and out.   I hear the gentle breeze brushing me by and I felt the warmth of the morning sun around me.  I tuned in to listen to the birds singing their melodious song while filtering out the rest of the noise around me.  The birds were undisturbed by the loud noise and commotion around them.  And all these while, the noise around has not subsided.  Yet I was transported to a different state of being. There was calmness and “quietness” amidst the noise.

As the economic development unfolds, will you try and filter out the noise and tune in for the bird that is chirping away?  Will you look for the good and the positive in what you see around you?  These events will stress you if you allow them to.  The power is in your hands.

If you respond to the events creatively, you need not be subject to agitation, fear, anger and feelings of uncertainty.  The Chinese believes that opportunity lies in every crisis.  Tune in to the opportunity and the noise around will not have its negative effect on you.

I am not advocating escapism.   I am asking that you look at events in a different light.  Events have no meaning except the meaning you give it.  And you can challenge your own belief about the way you understand the situation.  This is a time of Change. Change can be fearful yet Change can bring about positive effects.  The question is how are you going to react to the events?

Address stress, confront it and let it not rob you of the peace and abundance which you deserve nor your productivity at work.   Join us in our free tele seminar for support or send in your top concerns so we can address it on the call.   Register here.

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