Enjoy Your Successes

In a conversation with a client yesterday, she commented on how much I have done in the past year – I had not noticed it.  I was only looking forward.
I suddenly realize that a lot had taken place since I first started taking control of my life and living the life of my dream.  

As I look back, I realize the little steps that I took in learning, experimentation and growth has indeed left a trail.   This is indeed a time to celebrate.

And I want to take time to "count the blessings" and "take inventory". 

Every effort deserves celebration, every step is gained with great determination and commitment!

So often we are wrapped up in pushing forward, moving towards the next goal, wanting to achieve more.  We forget to savor the sweet success and enjoy the daily wins.

If you are like me, you may want to consider celebrating too!

I am declaring a break and am taking some time off to enjoy the next two weeks.  I want to enjoy the family reunions and gatherings.  It will also refuel and recharge me for the next phase.

As my teacher, Eben Pagan would put it:
Get some "altitude" and then come back and work "on" it instead of "in" it.
I look forward to embarking on the next phase when I am refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually. 

After all life is to be lived to the fullest in its Abundance!
Celebrate and enjoy your successes!
By the way, these are not dirty words (smile).


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