When the Best Time Management Software Fails, and You Procrastinate, Try This

Have you checked your "to-do" list lately and noticed items that are transferred from month to month? It is not uncommon to have that happening even though you are able to check off many items as done and complete, there could be certain items that are not addressed from month to month.

I found it happening to me. And the item that got transferred from month to month on my "to-do" list is choosing the lights for my apartment. How difficult is that? Apparently to me I just don’t have the time for this. Wonder where all my time management skills went?

Well actually maybe it is not that I do not have the time, it is more like it that I just keep on postponing attending to this matter.

And I guess I am not certain of the theme I want to go with, the effect I want and well, I just think I need to look around for more design and ideas before I commit to making the final decision.

So that is the underlying reason, and not that I have no time. No wonder this task never gets done, no matter what "to do list" template or time management software I use, and however vigilant I monitor the progress.

When you think about it, the many things that you do not have time for, really has an underlying cause for them not being attended to. Because I can be quite sure that you would have gotten a lot of other things done in the mean time.

What might be the invisible barrier underneath when you say you have "no time’ for? In my case it was wanting to choose the best theme, wanting to have the best effect, of getting it just right and so I delay even starting on the project – for months. You may call this procrastination due to a perfectionist.

The thing is this, how I approach this project then that gives an indication of how I approach other things in my life, because how I do anything is how I do everything.

What significance and implication does that have for you?

Well, for one perhaps you can’t say you have no time anymore. Secondly, you need to find out the real reason for postponing your decisions or projects. And thirdly, you really just need to go start on the project!

Nobody will die if you and I make some less than perfect decisions and not win the best designers award. The real issues lies beneath the surface though, and that is where you will want to go to see what limiting beliefs or imagined doubts and fears are keeping you from moving forward. That can be quite a journey.

And then, work on it and get it moving! Once you make the decision, you will feel a load lifted off, the sense of lightness will enfold you. And the rest will be simple execution.

Well I have kind of decided on what I want now and will be making my orders today. In less than a week, the lights would be installed and that will allow me to check off this item as "done".

If you are like me, maybe you can also look into your "to-do" list and see what you have always wanted to do, know is good for you but did not manage to get going.

Then go through the same process I did. There really is no need to feel overwhelm for lack of time. What is lacking may be the trust in yourself.

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