Time Out For Stress

If you are wondering why I have not been writing as I normally would have, that is because I have been making conscious effort to take more rest and have more sleep.   You see, of all things I have been told by my doctor that I need to relax and take it easy for my skin problems could be due to this thing called stressed!

"Well, anything that the doctors cannot account for medically they will attribute to stress", that was my initial thought.  And isn’t it true?   If you have sinus or that you cannot sleep, it is said to be due to stress.   If you develop skin allergies or eczema – it is said to be caused by stress.  And if you have headache and stiff shoulders or neck, even the massage therapist will tell you that you need to relax and not be too stressed!

So how true is that?   Well, before I go around brushing the doctor’s diagnosis away, I need to look into my schedule and see if there is any grounds for what the doctor is saying.   I do have to admit that I am not getting enough sleep.  And I have also been sleeping too late.   And so I am re-looking into my work schedule and life pattern.  I am also re-examining some basic self-care structures that I want to put in place to ensure that I will take the rest I need. And I invite you to do the same.

It is so easy to get sucked into work and not realize how you are putting load and burden on your body.   So take a step back and look at your schedule today.  How many of hours of sleep are you getting?  And just how alert are you mentally, intellectually and spiritually? 
Time for time-out?

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