You Don’t Want That Fat Stress This Chinese New Year!

Yes, we have just welcomed 2009 and we are again preparing to welcome the Chinese New Year!  These festive seasons do not seem to end!

It is again the time for family gathering, reunions visitations AND great food and catching up over some drinks.  And if you are already feeling stressed with new responsibilities at work and at home this will be another time you get to let off steam and let it out.

But beware, it is no secret that constantly being in a state of stress can make you put on weight and excess fat.  Because when you are stressed whether it is because of heavy demands at work or at home, your body goes into fight or flight mode.  You experience a surge of energy and shifts in your metabolism rate.

If this continues for long, you go into a state of chronic stress.  Your body is constantly challenged and more cortisols are released into your body.  The cortisols that are released further slows down your metabolism and you gain more weight.

And when you are stressed, you crave for the less healthy and more fatty, salty and sugary foods.  Guess what, we are swamped with great variety of sweet and comfort food this season.  And of course when you are anxious, pressed for time, and in a clebration mood, you don’t exercise!

So yes, being in a constant state of anxiety and stress can make you fat espeacially with all the festivity that we have over the past few months.

But you are not at the mercy of these cortisols.  There are ways to deal with this that you will not only not need to put on weight when you are stressed but that you can put on a smile.  Yes, you can.    You can tap into tips for this from the free audio here.  Best of all these easy to use and practical tips can be used anywhere anytime.   

You don’t have to live in anxiety and you don’t have to keep the fat stress!

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