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No, I am not into definitions. But what strikes me was the simple answer to the quest I was seeking.  Since my encounter with the Academy I am learning from, I have been asking what is it about the Trainers that make them so powerful and effective?  What was the model they used?   I have done a fair bit of training in education and learning, and I have taken Train the Trainer with 2 other successful organizations.  Yet I am still looking for the secret to being a good Trainer.

The answer to the secret I was seeking was "Self Awareness".   It was shared that a good Trainer is aware of herself and allows herself to be the best and true self that she can be.  How straightforward yet how true!

Eben Pagan has said that the most powerful sate to be in is the state of awareness, or consciousness.  In the state of awareness, one has clarity and focus; one is accepting and embracing and is functioning in its true and higher self.   I am struck that at every corner I turn, I am greeted with the same concept.  I just came back from an intensive training camp where I was in close community with 43 other "mirrors", my awareness has since been sharper.   And I agree with the facilitators that when there is awareness, there is centeredness and I could perform the best, even under the darkest moments.

Awareness – do I know why I am here in this class?   Do I know my potentials?  What strengths do I bring to the class?  What are my conditioning and how is that affecting me as I participate in the discussion?   With awareness, things are in perspectives and I would be in a better position to intuitively know what to do for the best of all participants.

So my greatest take away (there were many) from the first class of Train the Trainer the ICA Model, is the need to be more aware of me; who I am, how I think and function. And as I gain more self awareness I would have a greater sense of acceptance and appreciation for myself and those around me.   And when that happens, there will be an openness and inclusiveness that will create the most conducive learning environment, whether I am a Coach, a Trainer or a Facilitator.

There are at least 14 mirrors for me in the Train the Trainer class, I thank you all in advance for being my mirrors and I know I will have yet heightened awareness after 7 weeks so I can be a more empowered facilitator.

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