Tips for Mama to Manage Her Emotions

We talked about various ways used to manage our stress the past week, and for lack of time I was not able to touch on one method which I often use – getting the stress out on paper and then articulating it out loud to myself.

Some find it helpful to write down their thoughts and their feelings, while others choose to talk to a friend to get it off their chest.  Writing it out and articulating helps you process the emotions and thoughts going on in your head. The physical act of saying it out loud or getting them down on paper can help make things clearer and you see the picture in a different light. You are able to see and know why you are upset or understand what that trigger may be so you know how to deal with the source causing you the stress.

So yes, the next time you feel upset, stressed out, depressed, try writing down your thoughts and emotions and reading it out. And if that doesn’t help, make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, camomile will be great and listen to your favourite music and allow yourself some good "me time" or just sit with your eyes closed and enjoy the quietness around you.

And if that still doesn’t help, do any or all of the following:

  • Look at photos of your children – baby photos and toddlers photos will do wonders Look through your testimonial file and read a few verses – remind yourself that you have touched lives. That will lighten up your day

  • Listen to a recorded tele seminar which you did with your group – the group dynamics and the inter flow of life will energize you

  • If you like nature, go for a walk in the park or garden or if you like books, just go browse around some book stores – zoom out of the problem

  • Think of something that will bring a smile to your face, keep that smile on for a while – you will feel happier when you smile

  • Learn to say "No". Say "No" to the negative voice in your head and tell yourself that you will not allow anything or anyone to control how you feel – take the control back into your hands

  • Soak yourself in a warm bath or

  • Finish the entire tub of your favorite ice cream / chocolate – guilt free!

  • If all else fail, allow yourself to cry; it is therapeutic.   Crying is cleansing and it releases chemicals, stress hormones and toxins from your body and so reduces tension.  It also increases the body’s ability to heal.  You will feel better after crying.

I cannot help but notice the refreshingly clean and cool air after the downpour of rain.  So if you need to cry, give yourself permission to cry.  It is cleansing and therapeutic.  And after you are renewed and strengthend you can go out and face the world again.

2 comments on “Tips for Mama to Manage Her Emotions

  1. The methods mentioned in controlling emotion really do work !! I have used some of them some of the time to get through hard time……. thank you for adding to the list.

  2. FANTASTIC! Proper stress management is SO important in our very busy lives. Another thing that helps me is to ask myself “Is this something I can control?” If I have no control over it, stressing out over it won’t make a bit of difference, so I’m not going to waste my time on it if I can’t do anything about it. (weather, traffic jams, other people, etc.)

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