Mama Getting Techno Savvy

Dear Single Moms,

My heart rejoices to see your mails asking me how you can use skype to dial into our TeleSeminar.  It shows that you are ready to move out of your comfort zone and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the TeleSeminar.  I find this amazing and encouraging!   Woo hoo,  You go Mama!

The thing is, you will need to buy skype credit to make international call to the US (for those who are residing outside of the US, more on skype can be found here).  So although I am excited that you are willing to expand your space and learn new technology that facilitates you, I much rather you use good old calling card at this stage.  The cost for the calls will be about the same and the quality of the call could be slightly better with the calling card.  More importantly, there will be one less thing to distract you so you can be fully present on the call. 

For the seasoned users of skype, you are welcomed to use that technology with a headset.  That will bring the noise reduction down.  So I look forward to hearing you on the call this week!   Until then, have a fulfilling time.

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