Your Burning Question for The Next Tele Seminar

Some of you have been asking me about when the next tele seminar will be on.   I thank you for that enquiry.  Well,  maybe this is what we can decide together.   Being the summer months and with the big Olympic Games happening at all 10 subscriptions channels and 2 national channels (with programs running around the clock!), I would like to hear from you (either email me or drop a comment here) when you would like to resume having the weekly tele seminars.  After all the seminar is for you.

I have in mind the 22nd or the 29th Aug sometime in the evening, Eastern Time (which translates to Sat mornings for those of us in the Pacific Region).   If that is not good then perhaps we may stick to Monday am Eastern Time.  Otherwise, let me have your suggestions and we will work something out.  I will wait till the comments come in before I set up the next seminar. 

I would encourage that you dial in on the bridge line and participate on line, real time so we get to really connect and lend support in this safe environment.  If you have issues with calling in, please feel free to email me, I can share with you some options that make this quite simple and easy.  With everyone on line, I can run some processes, we can have a group coaching session together, as well as tap into each others’ learning and have a refreshingly up building time together.

While we are at it I am also thinking of doing topical discussions at some point.   I would like to invite you to indicate a topic that you would like to have us discussed.  You would also have for us a burning question that you want answered during the session.   This way, the seminars will be relevant and addressing issues that are current to you. 

If you can get the comments back to me by mid next week, that should give me enough time to set up the next tele seminar.  Look forward to hearing from you!  We co create the sessions together so your input and participation will make this the session you want it to be.  And in the mean time, enjoy the One World with the One Dream! (see the Power of Singularity! It’s everywhere!)

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