I Have No Time, Honestly!

This is something I wrote back in July 2009, but as I read it, the message came back to live and jumps right out at me. I thought I will post this here for you too. Keep an open mind and see how this may lead you …

I check out my to do list from a few month back and noticed an item I keep transferring from month to month.

While I am able to check off other items as done, I just did not bring myself around to starting on this item!

It's choosing the lights for my newly handed-over apartment. How difficult is that? Apparently to me I just don't have the time for this!

Well actually maybe it is not that I do not have the time, it is more like it that I just keep postponing attending to this matter.

And I guess I am not certain of the theme I want to go with, the effect I want and just well, I think I need to look around for more design and ideas before I commit to making the final decision.

Strange huh?

It is really not that I have no time, because I manage to get a whole lot of other things done in the mean time.

I just have an invisible barrier underneath – of wanting to choose the best theme, wanting to have the best effect, of getting it just right and so I delay even starting on the project – for months.

If that is how I approach this project then that gives an indication of how I approach other things in my life, because how I do anything is how I do everything.

What does that mean for me?

Well for one, I can't say I have no time anymore.
And two, I need to find out why there is a need to have it just perfect.
And really I just need to go start on the project!

Nobody will die if I install lights that does not claim me the latest and sleekest design. So the lesson here is to find out what is the real reason for stalling my projects. What stops me from moving?

And then, work on it and get it moving!
Well I have kind of decided on what I want now and will be making my orders today. In less that a week, the lights would be installed and that will allow me to check off this item as "done".

If you are like me, maybe you can also look into your "to-do" list and see what you have always wanted to do, know is good for you but did not manage to get going.

Then go through the same process I did and share with me the good news in the comments section of the blog.

Alternatively, if you need a little help in discovering what may be stopping you from starting on your project, feel free to give me a shout here and we can do a little exploration together.

I wonder how many times you have heard or used this phrase in the last week. It's the perfect excuse for not attending to important things in our lives, it is legitimate and sort of acceptable in today's culture to be overly busy and consumed and "have no time".

Yet, are we not each given 24 hours in a day. That is perhaps the only thing we all have an equal amount of! You Have No Time For Things You Do Not Really Want To Do.

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