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I finally decided to launch it. This is following the "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach or the Progress versus Perfection approach. As I mentioned elsewhere, it is easy to be paralyzed by the need to be perfect, yet what is more important is the momentum and the consistency. Enters the Abundant Lives Coaching Fan Page.

Consider this a soft launch. There is still some work to be done but the basic structures are there for a meaningful community to discuss, mingle and share information and views relating to achieving a more fulfilling, satisfying and abundant life.

Why a Fan Page? It allows for more timely and frequent updates compared to a blog post. And it also provides easy access for others on facebook to interact with each other on the topic of their interest. This fanpage complements the blog posts and is an extension of it in a way.

I would encourage you to join me at the Fan Page as I will be spending a fair bit more time there. You will find more frequent updates on events, discussions, and it is really a community that interact with others with the same interests. It is estimated that there are now 400 millions users on Facebook, who log on at least twice a day. 

On the Fan Page, you can share your own views, your links, your videos, and photos or you can choose to just read. I encourage you to participate, leave a comment, give a thumbs up or click the "like" link or share it with others. If you find something of value, pass it on.

Facebook, contrary to what many think, has more mature users than youngsters. While the profile page is for personal use, to stay in touch with friends and family, the Fan Page is more a resource, convergent place for all to mingle and have a conversation.

So check out the Abundant Lives Coaching Fan Page. If you like what you read here on the blog post, you will find more activities on the fan page.  Just hop over and join me on the fan page and share that link with your friends too and I will see you there!

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