Ready For Changes?

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be away from the computer these 2 days; a little under the weather and we are in the middle of packaging and making preparation to move into our new place.  I don’t exactly look forward to packing (that is sorting out 30 years of accumulated stuff!). But as I pack, I find myself decisively giving or throwing away old stuff that has been lying around in the house that has not been supporting us. 

I gained a new insight.  While it came quite naturally to me to give away physical stuff that no longer serves me, it takes fresh perspective and courage to give and throw away thought patterns, past conditioning and belief systems that no longer serve us well.  For some strange reasons we want to cling onto the familiar old thinking pattern that has been with us even though it has not been serving me well.

Think about it, is this true in your case?   Do you cling onto thought patterns and past conditioning that does not support you?   If so are you willing to exchange that for new thinking patterns and belief systems that empowers and support you?

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