Life Coach Cretification Training For You?

I have received queries concerning training to be certified life coaches.   As if to make this a simple decision for you, the Academy I recommend is running a December Campaign and is offering a tuition fee waiver from now till 29th December 2008.  I would suggest you check that out here as it is certainly very good investment for quality training that certifies you internationally and professionally.

Increasingly more professionals are recognizing the power and potential of having a coach in their business and personal life and some are wanting to participate as coaches in this fast growing industry.  While you may not have been coaching using formal structures and tools, I would not be surprise if you have been coaching in some ways for many years – you just didn't know that you were "coaching" in a way.

If you love life and appreciate helping others to do the same, you are a good candidate for being the next certified coach.   Coaches believes in the potential of their clients and seek to bring out the best in them by partnering and empowering them. 

How do you do that, you ask?  Well, the simple answer is by being your authentic self and being very attentive to and aware of yourself and your clients.

The Academy will provide you with skills and tools which you can use – even the business building strategies.  But essentially to be a coach is to be your best self, supporting your clients to be their best self; personally in their own lives as well as professionally at their work.

If this resonates with you and you wish to explore if coaching is for you, then check it out here. 
This is where you will find quality and accredited training that is flexible and accessible.   The promotion runs till 29th December.   If you like me to support your research in this area just ask for Louisa and I will be happy to have a complimentary chat with you.  

I will work with you so you can fit this certification program into your busy schedule.   I also extra bonuses reserved for you that will make this offer even more value add.   You can contact me through the Contact Us page or click on this link and we will talk soon.

Whether you are seeking for a break through in your personal development or considering a career change, this is something you will want to check out.   You can make 2009 a year of difference.

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