Availing Ourselves To Free Bonuses?

When I open my mails box, it is not uncommon to find a heap of promotional mails from various retail shops giving out free services or products.  There are just as many "free" bonuses given out by marketers on the internet. When I subscribe to SEO Net Effect by Stomper Net (you must have heard of Andy Jenkins) I was given many add-on bonuses (I believe it is now standing at a total of 16) all made free and accessible by the various top internet marketers.


These marketers are making their services and products accessible to me without any effort on my part to earn or pay for them.   These services and products are given to me free, as a bonus, something on top of the product that I am paying for.  Yet for those free bonuses to have any effect on me or my business, I need to first avail myself to the bonuses.


If I let the free bonuses lie unclaimed, un-utilized, they are not going to benefit me in the least no matter how great or powerful they are.   To claim the benefits of those free bonuses and for them to have effect on me and my business, I need to reach out and take action; whether it is to watch a video or to listen to an audio or to download a free ebook (and read it) or to join a membership for a month to try it out.


The other thing in relation to the many bonuses is that we are today spoiled for choices.   We have many options.  There is so much free information with the advent of the internet and the information age that we are often overwhelmed with the many options.  Do you know what information to pay attention to?  Do you know which services or products to spend time on?   How do you make your choices?  How do you sieve through all the noise and get to what you need?


Do you have a trusted partner or advocate to help you narrow down your options?  Are you availing yourself to the free bonuses that are given to you to help you move forward?    Do you have a trusted partner to hold you accountable and support you in moving to the next level?   Or do you let opportunities go by as you drift through life, buried in activities that may not produce results that you want?

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