FAQ On TeleSeminar / Web Cast

I received similar queires concerning my TeleSeminar from the different single moms who wrote to me and I take this opportunity to go into some details of what this Tele Seminar is as well as how you can make use of it for your own personal development.

Q1. What is a TeleSeminar?
It is similar to traditional seminars, in content and purpose but are given over a teleconference or telephone line rather than at a specific location.  With new technology, you can also attend TeleSeminars using Web Simulcast – which is simply clicking on a link that is sent to you upon your confirmed request.  There is a fixed period of time devoted to the TeleSeminar so all who register can come together at the same time.

Q2. How Do We Join A TeleSeminar?
You can register on line, by clicking here

  • You are then taken to a form that asks for your name and email address.

  • To complete your registration, you need to check your email and look for a mail with the subject "RESPONSE REQUIRED: confirm your request …"

  • It is important that you go to your email and click on the link in your mail – this is to confirm that indeed you do want information sent to you.  Your registration is complete at this stage.

  • Next, a form will appear informing you that the registration process is complete.  There will be a link on this form.  Click on that link and you will then be taken to a TeleSeminar Invitation Form with details of Date, Time, International Phone Number, Phone Pass Code and Web Cast Link.

  • Print this out and call the international number indicated at the time of the teleseminar (reminders will be sent to you if you have registered).

  • That's it!  No need to arrange for baby sitter, no need to drive, no need to wade through massive time consuming traffic jam and no need to hunt for parking.  Dial into the call at the appointment time in the comfort of your home with your land line or computer (if you are using web cast).

Q3. How Do I Dial Into A TeleSeminar?

  • You can buy an international calling card from any convenient or grocery store (seven eleven will have these).  Those from Malaysia can use any such card as iTalk or Centennial Card.  These are prepaid calling card which you can buy in denominations of RM10 or Rm30.  These typically costs less than 10 cents for a minute to dial into US.  The entire call will cost you less than your parking fee if you were to drive to join a live seminar.  Those of us familiar with VOIP like skype can also make use of skype to call.

  • At the appointed time, follow instructions on your calling call and dial in with international code "001" followed by the bridge number (a common term used for numbers to dial to get into conference calls) given to you in the invitation form.

  • Wait for instructions and enter your Phone Pass Code followed by # (given in the invitation form).   And you are in the call!   If you dial in early, you may hear soft music playing or the host will be on the call to welcome you.

Q4. How Do I Participate In A TeleSeminar? 

  • The host will typically switch between presentation mode (where she will be talking) and Q&A mode (where she will open the line for the audience who dial in using the phone to participate).  You can introduce your self by stating your name and then follow that with your sharing.   It is good practice to keep your sharing precise and sweet.    The host will also moderate the call so everyone who wants to share (either a win or a challenge) gets a chance to speak.

  • For those who join through the web cast, you can use the Q&A box in your Invitation Form to key in your comments and questions.  Just press the "submit" button after you key in your comments or questions.

  • For those who cannot join the TeleSeminar in real time but have registered, they can send in their questions and comments any time prior to the call by making use of the Q&A box as described anove.

  • It is good idea to send in your most burning question for the TeleSeminar before the live call so this gets answered during the call.

Q5 Will My Identity Be Kept Secured?

  • Yes, only those who register for that particular TeleSeminar will be sent the Invitation Form.  You can be authentic and share without being in person, so share your heart and get supported.  We maintain a safe environment of sharing with respect, compassion and support. 

Q6 Will There Be Any Face To Face Meet Up?

  • There will not be any face to face. A great part of coaching is about listening. Some people find it easier to open up when there is no visual distractions.   Intimacy of sharing and of "being connected" is not compromised over the TeleSeminar.  The energy of the group will travel across the phone line to support you.

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