Free Tele Seminar? Here’s How To Join

I believe the issue with the auto responder has been solved. I have seen some of you registered for the call tomorrow.  If you intend to join me on the call tomorrow, you will need to register here   If you have regsitered at the homepage to listen to the audio last week that is fine, however you will not be sent details for the call tomorrow.

Since this is quite new to some of us, please bear with me as I outline steps to join the call tomorrow. Don't worry it's all very east just follow the steps.  There is no driving, no time lost in traffic jam, no parking, just plain old phone seminar.  Here' what you need to do:

– Click here:
– Give your name and email.
– Then go check your email account you just provided and look for a mail with the subject   "RESPONSE REQUIRED: confirm your request ….".
– Click on the link in this mail – this is to confirm that indeed you do want information from me

The registration process is now complete.   Just click on the link in the page and you will be given details to the call tomorrow: time, number to call as well as a Q&A box

You will want to get a calling card (iTalk or Centennial is good).  Dial into the number given – but you need to add an international code and country code for US.  So dial 001 then followed by the number given to you.  This is a very safe way to be connected to a group of like minded, supportive people.  You can participate yet remain "unseen" and those of us on the call will ensure that there is confidentiality to all contents shared.  You can get connected with a supportive group of

Judgement will be suspended, so feel free to share, we want to see how to make the best of the situation and move forward.  We are not going to dwell on what happened in the past.  If you are ready to make changes in your mindset and take action towards a healthier more fulfilled life, you are very welcomed to the call – and you don't necessarily have to be a single mom!

I will talk to you on the call.  Please dial in 5 minutes earlier. The system can take hundreds of people so don't you worry about having too many people!  We will have a good and refreshing time!

Now I would like to invite you to write down "what is your most important objective for joining tomorrow's call?".  In other words, what would make joining the call worth while for you tomorrow.  Write and submit your burning question to me (using the Q&A box) now and we will address these tomorrow together.  I will see you on the call!

Remember, if you still do not have information for the call tomorrow, sign in and register using the link above.

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