When You Are Drowning, Let Go And Float

It is the crazy time of the year when everyone (or most) are busy and stressed out with shopping lists, planning, organizing, arranging, baking, decorating, and well playing and partying too.  And with that lots to plan and get done.  Those frantic last minute projects for year end functions and promotions throws you out on the timeline, especially when you already have tons on your plate.

Take a deep breadth and let it out.

Ok, thank goodness we have free and instant stress-relief at our finger tips. These whirlwinds of requests and demands come and go.  And because everything is presented as urgent and important, we crank up all our energy to attend to these demands and that leaves us in exhaustion and desperation.  It sucks so much energy out of us to get things done at break neck speed that we are left exhausted.

Sometimes you wonder how you are going to cope as demands continue to increases and you do not know where to start.  Chaos leads to anxiety and overwhelm.  And then you can not think clearly and panic sets in. And before you know it, more demands are piling up and you feel that you are sinking, maybe even drowning.

And so you struggle to desperately paddle and kick with all your mights so you can stay afloat and not sink.  The harder you kick, the more tired you get, and the more desperate the whole situation gets. It seems like an endless struggle and you wish you can just stop the whole motion and disappear somewhere and not have to deal with the pressing situations.

Survival skill number 1 – stop and take a deep breath.  Listen to your own breadth.  If you are panting, having short and shallow breadth, you need to slow down.  And take a few long deep breadths.  

This gets more oxygen to your head and you can think more clearly.  Then go to survival skill number 2, which is to Relax and Let Go.

There are things you will need to let go of, before you are consumed by the madness of concurrent demands from all directions.  Some are urgent and important wile others are not.  You will need to sit down and take a second look at everything laid out on the table.  What will you do and what will you let go?

You decide which will bring more value and benefits and has longer lasting effect. In the busy-ness of the moment, it is easy to lost focus and you will want to take on the whole world.  Well, you cannot do that unless you are super man.  Even super man has a normal human life at times.  So relaxed and when you are in a calm state you can be and perform at your best.  That's just how the law of nature works.

Survival Skill Number 3 – Float.  There is no need for kicking and screaming, it does not get you anywhere except to further tire you out.  As you kick and scream, you are tensing yourself up, you clutch onto more props and your baggage becomes heavier and you will sink.  Instead, lie back and float. When you let go and create space,  you become lighter, and you can stay afloat your challenges and worries and pressures. Enjoy the float, it will refresh you for the long haul.

Try it and get more tips here.


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