Learn And Earn While Getting A Permanent Residence?

Won’t it be good if your children can work AND earn some real dough while they are also working on their certificate or diploma?  That way they also learn the meaning of independence, and get to integrate into the real world instead of remaining academics (nothing against scholars).   That will help lighten your burden as you seek to bring the children up while on a tighter budget (who is not on a tighter budget these days?)

Why haven’t anyone thought of a system that allows students to be self supportive and learn independence while making the most of their time and reaping experiences in the real harsh world?  Well, I may just have the right thing for you to consider, check this out – don’t trust me without doing some due diligence too – although I do appreciate your confidence in me (smiling).

Firstly – This program allows your children to earn real hard cash while they study towards a certificate or diploma

Secondly – That means your children get 2 years’ relevant experience on graduation.  By they way  Universities and Polytechnic graduates have maybe a 3 to 6 months of internship

Thirdly – This is a registered as a school with the Singapore Ministry of Education

Fourthly – This organization is also a Licensed Employment Agency, registered by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore and will place all students in this program with full-time employers (terms and conditions apply)

Fifth Point – The salary your children earn will be able to cover their own tuition fee.  That means your children are placed in a job that earns while they are also studying for a diploma program

Sixth Point – Students who are enrolled into the Diploma or Advance Diploma Program can apply for Singapore Permanent Residence after 2 years on “S Pass”

Seventh Point – Students enrolled in the Diploma/Advance Dip recognized by 60 Universities in 13 countries (Those on Adv diploma can go directly to MBA/MSC in some Universities
Industries included in the course are as follows:

– Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (ABE)
– Business Management (ABE)
– Marketing (CIM)
– Accountancy (ACCA)
– Nursing (BSc[Hons] from the University of Sunderland, recognizedd by the Singapore
Nursing Board)

I am not a representative of this organisation and do not earn any commission from this.  But I think this is great resource that is worth checking out.  So if you are interested to have more information, just hop over and contact Jonathan. 

One comment on “Learn And Earn While Getting A Permanent Residence?

  1. Hi Louisa, thank you for posting this on your blog. I have briefings on this :

    Sat 8 Nov 2.30 pm at Pearl Internationsl Hotel, KL
    Sun 16 Nov 2.30 pm at Eastin Hotel, PJ

    As recession looms, we still have jobs NOW with employers who are our partners. Our students will earn more than they pay and graduate with 2 years of relevant experience that will count towards their 1st promotion. We also have an English course if the level of English is an issue.

    I will soon post on my blog a video on SURIA, that shows a group of our graduates (single mums) being given their certificates by an MP.

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