I’m A Single Mom; These Are My Shoes …

I woke up with anticipation this morning; today I get to interview Beth.  Beth started a personal blog about her challenges and learning as a mother taking care of herself and her daughter so she can offer encouragement to other single moms who are also walking the path of single motherhood.

I have been communicating with Beth this past while, reading her blog here.  We have been exchanging thoughts and views and I was looking forward to getting to know her a little better and to see what lessons we can learn from each other.

Due to our time differences, and because we try to cater to audience joining us from different parts of the world we are trying to hold the live seminar at a time where most single moms will be will able to join us.  However, we find that we don’t have a lot of  choices as we need to factor in our time zone difference, hours when Beth will be at work and time when little Grace will be around and awake and will want to join in the conversation!

And so Beth came up with the brilliant idea of a pre-recorded laser coaching session which we can then play back during the live session.  It just goes to show that when we set our hearts on doing something, there is always a way; we just need to exercise our creativity a little bit.  Fortunately, technology supports this and after some initial experimentation and fumbling I think we have got that under control.

And as I play back the recording of our conversation to myself, I am amazed at how much we both managed to cover in that short time.  What Beth would like as a support structure is really quite straight forward and practical.

Who would have thought that it is not so difficult to reach out and support single moms. Single moms are not asking for things that others cannot do nor provide.  If you join us for the live call, you will get to hear of the one thing that most single moms would like to have as support from those around them.


In a moment I saw the importance of seeing things from others’ persective.  This is not new knowledge and I am shown again that my initial assumption of what single moms look for may not be what is on their minds.  How easy it is for me to see things my way, and how easy it is to see this as sometimes the better way!

How would things be difference if we learn to be in the shoes of others more often and learn to perceive the world from the eyes of others?

I come away from the session telling myself that I want to make this an exercise this week: that I would take a step back and try for just one week to see situations from the eyes of the person I am in contact with.  So I will take down my own glasses with its particular taint and prescriptions and put on the glasses of those around me.  I wonder how this world look like this week?


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