Self Development Programs for Single Moms

How do you choose a self development program?  What criteria do you look for?  There are so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is for you?  As one who believes in continuous improvement, I spend time sourcing, researching, evaluating, testing and attending previews and enrolling in different self development programs offered locally and internationally. Here are the top 7 tips you can use as you choose your self development programs.

Tip 1 – Objective of the Program – What is the end result or benefit that the program?  What problems do the program solve and what benefits are you getting out of the program?

Tip 2 – Quality – How extensive is the research into the curriculum, how much resource and expertise does it draw on?  Are there testimonials for the program?  What do people in the industry have to say about it?

Tip 3 – Curriculum / Content – What competencies does the curriculum align to and emphasize? You don’t want it to be too wide nor too shallow.  Making it too general will not address specific issues.  Covering too much will confuse and complicate and not leave room for focus and depth. Is the curriculum continuously updated to keep with the trends?

Tip 4 – Accreditation – If you are looking at certification programs then be very sure to check out who the accreditation body is.  Equally important is to find out what is it about the program that has been accredited and implication that has.  Do not be confused by similar sounding words.

Tip 5 – Trainers / Coaches are the vehicles that deliver and transfer the concepts.  Look for role models who inspire and who lift you from where you are to where your next level is intellectually, emotionally, spiritually or physically.  If you are only interested in knowledge, just google for free net information.

Tip 6 – Delivery Style – Asians are too familiar with being spoon fed while the inner questioning minds have not been encouraged to function.  Facts are cramped down without space for digestion or application.  Look for delivery style that respects and believes in the potential and creativity of the individual, that is inclusive rather than one that insists on one particular fixed methodology.

Tip 7 – Value for Investment – Who is the centre of the self development program?  Are you allowed the freedom to be yourself in your learning style?  A 3-day workshop will not deliver the same results and benefits as a program that allows for implementation over a period of time. While knowledge can be cramped in over 3 days, internalizing of the new concepts will take longer.

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