Single Now And Happy?

Being labeled a single may not be a bad thing after all; it is certainly not to be dreaded.   I just came out of surfing my facebook account and saw someone proclaiming herself to be "single now!" as though she is rejoicing in it.

So how does being "single now" change your life?   Have you ever wondered if you can be happy and fulfilled as a single?    And especially if you happen to be a single working mother, would you wonder too, if perhaps "the happy days are over"?    I mean "happy" in the sense of being purposeful, rejoicing, calm and relaxed?

I am soft launching my new site at   And I want to invite you, my valued friend to visit this special place for life coaching and sharing.   I firmly believe that single working mothers can live happy and stress-free life.  You have all the reasons to rejoice and live a meaningful and relaxed lifestyle.  

If you want to find out more about how you can be single and happy then hop over to HappySingleMoms and join us for life coaching and sharing.   All are welcome.    If there are moments when you feel very alone although you may not be entirely on your own then the conversation we will have at happy single moms will serve you well too.    I will be addressing the issue of living stress-free life at this newly created place for you.   Feel free to bring your "single now " friends to HappySingleMoms and we will co-create a special space for us as we celebrate single-motherhood.

P/S  I shared before that I was spending time in developing a program for you, well, it is here!    I will be holding free preview calls for the special stress-free program I put together for single moms – so watch this space.    In the mean time check out the audio file and pdf that I have created just for you.

Talk to you soon on the free call!

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  1. Good on your doing, Louisa, being single (again) is not a big deal nowadays, I suppose, but the initial shock and sudden loss can knock you off the ground for a while, sometimes a long while…. So having someone, somewhere to talk to, to seek help from is really so essential, thank you for providing the bridge. I will definitely invite all my single friends/relatives to join in, if not to help herself, hopefully her experiences can inspire others…….

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