Single Moms Moving Tips

Single mothers experience great stress when they have to move out from the familiar home they have lived in for the past years.   Moving causes stress to single mothers because you are accepting a new phase, a new place with a new lifestyle.   And you need to plan for the physical move, the cleaning, the packing, the moving and the eventual settling into the new place to be called home.

If moving caused you stress, check here for top 7 tips to help you prepare for your move with ease.

Tip 1 – Check Out The New Neighborhood. Check for safety in the neighborhood – get to know locations for the nearest police station, post office, 24-hour clinic, hospital, shopping mall or grocery store, baby sitters, preschool / school / college etc.  Notice and get to know your neighbors, you may need to reach out for support.

Tip 2 – Check For Safety and Condition Of The New Place. 
If you are renting the place then check for safety features in the apartment. Does the place come with proper and adequate locks and latches?  Are the lighting enough when you need to come home late at night after work?   Are there possible leakages from the roof?   Check for the fire exit, check that all switches, water taps and heater works and that there is no blocked or leaking sinks. Make sure you are protected by a rental contract or agreement.

Tip 3 – Clean and Warm Up To The New Place.  Prepare your children about the impending move. If you can describe the place to them and assure them that they will find new friends and new neighbors that will help warm them to the place. Have some fun cleaning the place together.

Tip 4 – What Will You Be Packing?   How many trips will you make for the move?  What must you absolutely bring, and what can you leave behind?  If you are leaving an abusive husband / spouse, you will take only the essentials (documents and papers and cash) and go.  If you are moving out amicably, you can plan your move a little more leisurely.

Tip 5 – Who Will Help You Move?
  Your girlfriends?  Your family members?  Do not forget you are packing for you and the little ones and you have only one hand to carry your luggage as you will be holding onto the little one with the other hand.   This is a good place to reach out for support from others.  If you have older children, assign them responsibilities so they can help share your workload.

Tip 6 – When Will You Move? 
Depending on the circumstances of your move, you will need to plan the timing carefully.  You may need to apply for leave or enlist help from others to back you up at work.  If you move in the morning, you have more time to settle into the new place – always a good thing to do as everything feels foreign and unfamiliar the first few nights.

Tip 7 – Remember To Inform Your Family and Friends Of Your New Address.   Your support group would want to know where and how to contact you.  Also remember to update banks and authorities with your new address.

Plan for a stress free move using the top 7 tips above.   For coaching and support for a stress free, fulfilled life even if you think you are overwhelmed with many responsibilities and on your won.  Click here to claim your free seat to a on line, real time group coaching facility with Louisa

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