Technology Hiccup For Tele Seminar

Dear Single Moms/Friends,

As with all things in life, there are occasional hiccups (especially when you don't want them to happen!)   I will be calling my auto responder service provider as soon as they report to work (it is now 7:30am EST).  I will post updates here so I keep you updated on the status.  Once things are rectified, I will let you know here so you can check your emails to confirm your opt ins.

Watch this space and Thank You for your Patience!



OK, here's the update I have from my auto responder's web site:

"Temporary New Subscriber Delay"  We are currently experiencing delays with new subscribers being added to your account and the initial confirmation message being sent to subscribers.  We have resolved the issue and the
queue should be 100% caught up by 10am ET or earlier.

That translates to 10pm Malaysian time, so have a good night's rest and check your email tomorrow.  All should be well …. If that still doesn't work, enter in your email and name again (sorry, but there's no other way I can get your permission to send you stuff …. )

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