Did You Have A Merry Christmas?

How was your Christmas? The lights and the tree is still happily shining, the gathering and meals are done (except for the cleaning up), the presents wrapped and opened,  and hey, it’s boxing day already!

So how do you measure you Christmas? Here’s a thought for you.
Christmas is not about consuming, it’s about expressing and sharing hope and love. And that can be done in many different ways …

Christmas - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace
Christmas - Hope, Love, Joy and Peace

If this Christmas you have brought hope, love, joy and peace to someone, you could have been the bright and shining star on the Christmas Tree.

I would not worry so much about getting the perfect gift and cooking the perfect meal.

Time to get some perspectives – we have shifted the attention from the inner to the outer so much that we spent time and energy on the ceremonies rather than the essence.

I love Christmas gatherings and greetings, and I also want to soak in the spirit of the season.

Let’s do Christmas inside out.

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