Stay True To The Flame

Coming home from a long flight from NYC, I was grateful for blinkers that I can use to cover my eyes in the hope that I can get some cat nap now and then.

These days every seat has a screen in front of them and the cabin is not dark enough, not conducive enough for me to rest.
I note that I too sometime choose darkness over light.   Hmmm.

Light is sometimes seen to be too confronting, too glaring.
The heat is too much and it is too revealing.
And there are times you rather retreat into darkness than face the light.

on the other hand offers comfort and the luxury of rest / inactivity.
You can continue to be and do stuff you don’t want the entire world to know.
And it is cool and accommodating.

Nature has many lessons for us.
This bi-polarity is evident in every aspect of nature and of our lives.

When there is up, the will be down,
Where there is light, there is also darkness,
Where you may attract, you may also repel.

And there are interrelated, sometimes they dove-tail each other
Other times one leads to the other.
Where am I going with all this?

chris-candleWell, I talk about the Flame of Hope in the Darkness.
If you think that because you are shining that all will be attracted to you then you will be disappointed.
Very, very disappointed. (photo taken by Christopher Teoh)

Because not all will welcome and come to the light.
For the very reason that we have seen.
So judge not your success by how many are following or attracted to you.
Focus instead on being the light.

Darkness offers a level of comfort and a sense of “safety”.
Darkens does not demand much of us
It allows us to stay the same way for as long as we like.

Sometimes we do not have the courage to look at or within ourselves
We rather choose to remain in the comfort offered by darkness.
Let’s call this down time.

Ok, before you start sending me hate mails and throw me eggs and tomatoes, let me clarify that I have nothing against darkness.  None indeed.

It just is.   It is part of nature.
There are times we need to rest and recuperate and a retreat will revive us.

The danger comes when we choose to stay in the dark too long and for reasons that do not support our best and true interests.

The next time you speak to or face a person and you see them retreating or backing off, it could mean one of two things:
Either you have confronted the person with the presence of your light
and that you are too glaring, too hot, too powerful
Or that you have inadvertently violated his boundaries.

I am not asking you to be careless and inconsiderate.
I do want to hightlight that some will come to the light and welcome hope, direction warmth and love, while others will withdraw further.

Either way you will continue to shine your light.

In due time, you will draw those who are choosing to remain in darkness now.
You will attract with the power of love and life.
When they know that the light in you is not destructive but supportive, there will be no need to withdraw.

And it all happens when the timing is right for all.

So focus not on the response of others, of how others react to your light.
Focus instead on guarding the flame and increasing in the intensity of that light.

campfireStay true to the flame that is within you.
Focus on the fire and the passion that is burning in you
Light will prevail over darkness with time.

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7 comments on “Stay True To The Flame

  1. Thank you for your sharing, Beth and Lisa.

    I remind myself that I must remain authentically me and true to myself. I will leave popularity contest to reality shows!

    Those who welcome the light will be drawn to you, the rest will too in due time.

    May your light radiates ever more brightly!


  2. This is true Louisa, sometimes when you turn on the light, people scatter away like the creatures once you lift the rock. I was very shy and unassertive and then after I had a nde, I began opening up and sharing with people how I was feeling. I have been extremely shocked at the various different responses including outbursts of anger, fear, and cutting of ties! I know I need to speak my truth and shine my light and know that I’m not helping anyone by not giving myself my voice– it has been quite an eye opener.

  3. Hi Louisa~

    I really like what you stated “So judge not your success by how many are following or attracted to you. Focus instead on being the light.” It’s a wonderful reminder to release your natural radiance to be yourself dismissing the naysayers because the people who are suppose to show up and stick around will.

    So often in society the focus is how many people, customers are following you, but quantity doesn’t determine quality.

    Cheers to staying true to our flame within feeling the glow. We’re all timeless day or night.


  4. Hi Dania,

    Thank you for your sharing.

    It is true that we are responsible for our own growth.
    We can influence and impact others, and it is up to them to choose what they want at a particular point in time.

    Let’s continue to stir the flame, my friend 🙂


  5. VeryTrue Louisa, I often am discouraged when others are so ignorant to the necessity of growth & moving forward. These remain in the dark despite all my efforts to shed light on new possibilities. Comfort zones are so alluring, but so are the unexplored venues.

    I repeatedly have to remind myself that people are different; and that we share different passions. it surprises me that some willingly would choose a status quo, whine about it, but refuse to take action. It is in these instances, that I find myself retreating from further contact with the kind, as they pull me backward.

    Keep those insights flowing….

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