Single Mothers Conquering Mountains – Top 7 Tips For Scaling Any Mountain

Single mothers experience various challenges, barriers and roadblocks in their everyday lives as they seek to hold together what’s left of their families.  You want to bring the children up with their best interests in mind while working a full time job and taking care of the entire household chores; the finance and the housing and trying to come to terms with the recent divorce/separation or death of a spouse.

You have put in your all to build your dream family only to find it shattered and you wonder how you are going to scale the insurmountable mountain in front of you.   Read on for my top 7 tips for conquering any mountain in your way.

Tip 1 – Know Why You Want This Mountain.  Know what it is that you are seeking.   What good will come out of conquering this mountain?   How would life be different when you are at the top?  Hold this vision as the foundation of this expedition.   You need greater awareness of yourself.

Tip 2 – Identify The Mountains In You Way.   Know what it is that you are fighting.   Is it an inner emotional turmoil and unrest; feelings of anger and fear?   Or is it the external mountain of logistics that you need to look into? You need clarity on the mountain in front of (or within) you. Seek out a mirror to help you get clarity.

Tip 3 – Know The End Game.  Know what your goal is; is it to reach the top or is it to get to the other side of the mountain where new hope lies?  The situation is often different for each single mother and you need to know what will work for you.  Seek out guidance to help you identify the result you want.

Tip 4 – Put A Program Together.  Know what needs to happen for you to conquer this mountain.  What strategy will get you up hill or around the mountain given your strength, your talents, your resources, your burdens and your limitations?  What needs to happen mentally, physically and spiritually?  You need support and guidance to put together a program that will get you there step by step, slowly but surely.

Tip 5 – Put Together A Support Structure.  Having a program is great, but you also need a support structure to help you get through the program.   In the process of the journey, there will be moments of testing, of discouragement and despair.  You need a regular support group around to lend a hand while you recharged your energy and continue on the journey.

Tip 6 – Work Those Muscles.  There is no magic pill, no Genie in a bottle that will grant you instant success.  You have to practice and build those muscles so they are strengthened with each practice session.  You need to establish accountability with someone who works alongside you in the long haul; for a mountain is not conquered in a day.

Tip 7 – Accept That Which Is Not Within Your Control.  Know and accept your limitations.  You may work those muscles regularly but you also need to accept that your body will need to adjust to altitude and thin air as you work uphill.   In your relationships, your family, your profession, your health, isn’t it true that there are things which are out of your control that you need to accept? You need to know when to push and when to let go.

You can conquer any mountain with proper guidance and support.

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