Single Mom: The Price For Safety and Freedom

Making the decision to free one self from an abusive relationship takes lots of consideration, courage, determination, strength and support.  And that is only the first step.

This week I will be talking with a single mom who has shown much courage and determination as she takes responsibility for the safety and freedom of her life.
As this single mom journeys on, where does she turn to for support and resources?  How does she manages the stress, fears, uncertainty and the sense of lost and aloneness?  How does she deal with the day to day challenges that comes from child care to housing to finance to safety to perhaps considering having a father figure for the child in the future? 

When you join us for the tele-seminar this week I would like you to participate in the call by noting what pressing needs this single mom has and what practical support she needs right now.

Go ahead and click here for more information on this free online live tele-seminar.  Talk to you soon.

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