Moms and Online Safety For Children

With easy access to the internet, children today can visit any site of their choice in their quest for knowledge and to fulfil the ever growing appetite for curiosity, not knowing that danger lurks behind seemingly friendly people they find in chat rooms.

Perpetrators seek to lure children away from their parents and their normal life as a child. As you are busy catching up with housework or running errands, your children could be facing some real danger in your very home.

I have included a free report that can help parents monitor and safe guard Online Safety For Children. This report will show you valuable tips on how to protect your children from online predators. 


This online safety report will help parents identify:          

o Early Warning Signs          

o Monitoring and Protection Software          

o Identity Theft          

o Tips to Avoid Sexual Predators          

o The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)          

o Social Networking Safety          

o Additional Rule for Child Safety Online          

o Privacy Policy          

o Spyware and Malware


However, this report is only made available to those who signed up for the tele-seminar (event is now over). We will be have more to share on this topic later, in the mean time if you want the report just send me a mail using the contact form and I will get it to you asap.

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