What Do You See?

I just came back from a wonderful weekend workshop with Harv Eker and as usual am just blown away by the teaching as well as the activities we did to ingrain the learning into my mind and body.

One thing that was vivid in my mind as I left the worshop was the fact that I always have a choice, at any moment, to choose how I want to feel and how I see a situation. An event or a person can be "black" or "white" as I want him to be! The power lies within me to deicde how I want to paint him! Let me explain …

I remember when I was "younger" I participated in a coloring contest together with my borthers and my sisiter. We all had the same color pencil set but we all came up with a different picture by the time we finihsed with our master pieces.

It’s the same picture yet we each coloured it very differently.  I wonder if I will be able to find another picture looks the same as mine if I go through enough copies. We see the same world very differently through the eyes of our own experiences, beliefs and value systems.  And more interestingly is to note that we were at peace with each other although we colored the picture differently.  It was ok then not to see eye to eye and to come up with totally different colored pictures. In fact we admire the creativity and the different perspectives.  There was not a need to argue with one another nor the need to prove who is right or wrong.

Translate that into how we interpret events around us now and we see how common it is that we can be rather upset with each other if we do not see eye to eye on certain issues.  We are also keen to point out how "right" we are and how our views are based on facts or cold hard data.  Does sky have to be blue and tress green?  And I am guessing that you won’t be upset if someone colors it with a different colors than you do.  Then why be upset if someone interprets events differently from you?

Wouldn’t it be great if we can accept other’s view as we did their coloring?  Won’t the world be a more beautiful place?  The diversity just means more vibrant colors expressed through different persepctives.

Well, I like to invite you to come and join me in a free master mind call this week. It is a time I set aside for anyone who wish to join me for an hour of sharing and there isn’t going to be any right or wrong.   If you are going through a tough time and need some ideas or support then come and share.  The rest in the group will project love and support to you as we seek to empower you and provide suggestions and strategies for your unique situation. 

Come and join us for an hour of sharing, brainstorming, laughing or even crying! This is a safe place and we will seek to honour and support each other so we can move forward stronger, better equipped to face the challenges within and in front of us.  Let’s make this world a more colorful place!

The call is free and is open to all.  Check it out at www.HappySingleMoms.com/wmm and I love to hear from you.

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