So, What Do You Coach In Again?

“So, you are an Executive/Life Coach?”, “What do you coach in again?” 

I was asked these two questions the past few days as I mingle and network with participants of the Guerrilla Business Intensive Seminar held in Singapore. Everyone is a coach of sort these days, it’s the buzz word. We don’t see as many “Consultants” these days as we do “Coaches”. It is no wonder that we are sometimes not quite sure what that word entails and “What is a Coach really?”

Very often, we draw our conclusion from the context of how the word is used. I offer here the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) definition of “What a Coach is”. For those who are interested to find out what a coach is and how what benefits Coaches can bring about, you can click here to find out more.

11 core competencies (you can click on the link) are basic to all professionally trained coaches who help us achieve the results that we want. In the ICF world of Coaching, it is our belief that all human has the potential and creativity within, though untapped. Coaches, instead of giving direct advice, listen for understandings, observe and ask powerful questions to draw the client’s awareness to the creativity and potential within for the solution that he is seeking.

We believe that perspectives are widened through active questioning, blind spots are exposed and options and possibilities are opened up with the “bigger vision” and the bigger picture.  Coaches empower their clients in coming up with their own solutions which they then own. We work with clients to come up with strategies and action steps and support structures to t help clients move forward.  Coaches also clients accountable to themselves for the actions that they have committed to doing.

This is slightly different from consulting or training or the more “technical” or sports like coaching that we are more accustomed to.

We were very fortunate to have Joel Roberts, the world renowned media coach and marketing strategist and the internet marketing wizard and tele-seminar guru Alex Mandossian to be with us in the recent seminar.

Both were just brilliant and worked with us in the area of their own expertise. All 1,800 participants were captivated by their knowledge, experience, messages, energies and sharing. They were drilling us in the workshops and demonstrating to us what works and what doesn’t in the real world. It was simply fantastic to see these gurus at work.

Both Joel and Alex offer as a follow-up programs to the workshops tele-coaching sessions which many have signed up for. These are great and amazin coaches that working with them real time in a group coaching environment will greatly enhance business performance and bring us to the next level.

When Joel and Alex were on stage, they were putting on both the Trainer’s Hat as well as the Coach’s Hat, thus we see the more directive approach. Pure coaching can be just as powerful as it leads us into a journey of exploration of different possibilities.

So what do I coach in? Well, for now as a Life and Executive Coach, my clients set the agenda for each session.  I seek to provide the space and environment and partner my client as we draw out options and possibilities to move towards the set goal.  Someimtes the client requests for input, I can be a sounding board, I can also share my perspectives and opinions, we brainstorm together, we co-create strategies and I will also provide further resource for references.

Coaching is a partnership. I think it is easier to understand what coaching is through an actual experience of being coached than to indulge in an academic discusion. After all we are more interested in the results then the definition!

I invite you to click on the “Contact Us” tab and sign up for a complimentary 20 minutes of one-on-one coaching.  I am spending my precious time through free trial sessions so you can have a real life experience of one-on-one coaching and see if that is helpful.  You come with an agenda and a desired outcome and we can embark on your journey of discovery together.

Coaches guards and protects confidentiality of all sharing.
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From you Life/Executive Coach

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