A Flame Of Hope In the Economic Downturn

At a recent sales team meeting, I was asked to present on the topic “Techniques For Closing Sales In The Economic Downturn”. I pondered hard on the “techniques” I use as I was preparing for the presentation.

I realized that I am not doing anything different than before.

I also discovered that I am engaging and enrolling people into the program without much thought for the economic recession that everyone else is talking about. And yes, people are attracted by the program I promote and continue to sign up so they can benefit from it.

So wherein lies the techniques and secrets?

The secret? Sorry to disappoint you but I do not have any secrets to uncover here, only open truths that are right in front of our eyes.  Yet I have taken these truth for granted. I will share one thing with you here.

If you think of the economic recession as something that brings with it fears, uncertainties, doubts and worries then I will just describe it as darkness for the purpose of our discussion.

In darkness, people do not move.
They are fearful and adopt the “wait and see” mode of the “flight and fight” mode where anxieties and stress sets in.

Flame of Hope Now think of yourself as a source of light (you decide the shape, form, how big, how bright etc). And you rightly are if you are contributing to society, making impact and adding value to others.

Imagine you as a candle lighted in broad day light – you will send out light and warmth. And that flame will need to be very intense and strong in order for it to stand out in broad day light.

However, as night falls and darkness sets in, or as you draw the blinds and block out the sunlight from entering the room, you will find that your light stands out more although you have not done anything differently.

Because the darker the surrounding, the brighter you shine.
Can you imagine that for a moment?

What does that mean?

That means you do not need to worry about any economic downturn.
No.  In fact, the more depressing the economy gets, the more people will look for true light and meaning.

Light just shines brighter in darkness.
And that which continues to give light, direction, warmth and life will draw and attract those who are lost in darkness, fear and anxieties.

Selah / Pause.

This is a test.
– Will you too be consumed by the darkness around?
– Or will you shine ever more brightly because of the darkness around you?
– You will know by the results of your “sales”.

Now imagine again what the flame will look like as you grow and develop your inner and best self?

The flame shines even brighter and people further away can see and feel the light and its warmth.

As a Girl Guide in my teens, we camped outdoors.
We made our tent with bamboos and canvas and stayed in the open.
We made a fire. I remember how beautiful the fire was.
They dance their way up to the sky and one could see them from afar.
I also remember how important it was to keep the camp fire going.
It meant safety, warmth, direction, light and hope.

We guarded that light

So how do you close sales in an economy downturn?
I just continue to shine and be my best and true self.
And I make sure that I guard my fire and continue to grow in the intensity of that flame.

I am afraid these are not your conventional sales-
closing techniques, but then who says I am conventional?

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By the way, when I was with Harv Eker’s Enlightened Warrior Camp Training, we were given a very short time to pick a warrior name (we see more of our true self in our spopntaneity). Call it the subconscious mind at work or the law of attraction, the picture that came to mind was “A Flame of Hope”. That was about six months ago. I just realized that I had used it as my headline here …

17 comments on “A Flame Of Hope In the Economic Downturn

  1. it looks like I read it before & already commented 🙂 but as I read it again, I get similarly inspired 😉 and it makes me feel that: yes, I want to be a light / a flame in the darkness. That's a very motivating post 🙂

    I am not sure whether the word "values" (in the paragraph to the right of the picture) should read "adding value" or is it values? You're English is more than perfect. This word just made me wonder whether it was a typo or you do mean "values"….
    Just a thought, but other wise: I love it 😉

    • Dear Dania,

      Thanks for posting your second comment! This has been another year for us huh?
      I am glad this post inspires you, it did me. That is probably why I love writing – so I can re read it many times.

      "Adding value" would be just fine. Thanks for spotting this mistake and I am going to change it now! It's great that you are lending me your eyes and thanks again for your kind words 😉

      Take care!

  2. A life need not be great to be beautiful! There many be as much beauty in a little flower as in a magnificent tree. A beautiful life is one that fulfills God’s mission for it and does what it is supposed to do..

    • Hello Mamta,

      Sorry for missing your comment and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      Did you watch the show “Life is Beautiful”?
      That was amazing, wasn’t it?

      I hope you are doing well my friend, drop me a line sometime.

      Thanks for sharing,

    • Not sure why I did not respond to you earlier, Claire.
      I must have missed it.
      And yes, Truth is simple and all around us.
      We just need to see it and hear it, feel it and live it!


  3. How can any one resist when they hear sincerity in your voice & sense passion for what you do Louisa?

    Keep your light glowing. Yes, it will attract people to you & away from the dark. Great analogy!

    Glad it was fruitful trip… 🙂

    • Dear Dania,

      Thank you for your most kind words and encouragement!

      I have always loved watching flames, being consumed as one takes a lot more! There are times when I want to smother the fire and just mind my own business and I know I can’t

      Guess what? One of my team mates gave me a candle as a gift during the meet up – she of course shad no idea what I was going to share on. The candle is on my desk now …

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