Are You Empowering Your Light?

When was the last time you wake up early to watch the morning sun rise?

I sometimes wake up at 5am as I enjoy the freshness of the morning. That’s when I am still and quiet to listen to my inner voice and the voice of the Spirit.

Apart from hearing the happy chirps of the birds, I also get to see he changing colors of the morning sky.  Then the awakening of a new day!

When the first shy ray breaks into morning light; darkness fades away unnoticeably and 
a new day dawns.  And I am energized to start a new chapter. I get to compose the rest of my story my way.

I get to decide how I want to live this day.

I can choose to be productive and happy or I can choose to procrastinate
and look for excuses to justify my inactions.
Sometimes these excuses can even sound very noble and convincing.

I get to decide how I want to live this day. 
I can face my issues or I can convince myself that there really isn’t any concerns.

I can choose to take action on my plans or I can allow my negative self talk to take me out of the game before I even start.

What will you choose today?

You can either empower yourself and take responsibility for your own choices or
You can dis-empower yourself by making yourself a victim of circumstances.
And do you sometimes even start taking responsibility for others’ action?
That definitely disempowers.

If that is happening then it is time to release yourself of the unnecessary burden.
You can only take responsibility for your own actions, not others.
There is no need to beat yourself up unnecessarily.

We are all responsible for our own actions and decisions whether you acknowledge this or not.

Take control of your own thoughts, feelings, and action today and let others be responsible for their own choices.

Empower yourself and let you light shine.

At the end of the day, will your light sustain or will darkness prevail?
I guess the choice is up to you.

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2 comments on “Are You Empowering Your Light?

  1. I fully agree that waking up and catching the early morning breath and watching the sun rise, gives an internal sense of strength, optimism and that a new day, rather a new life is on the verge of beginning – and it is up to oneself to decide how to use it and what to do. Each person is definitely responsible for all his actions, even if one does not acknowledge it aloud – and that is already a heavy burden , I wonder why should one bear the faults of others.

    Empowering oneself requires a lot of energy, guts, honesty to face one’s negativities and a vision to see what lays ahead. It also requires persistence and perseverence – success is sometimes a bit further than one’s doorstep.

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