If You Are Suppresing Your Emotions, Well You Don’t Have To …

The interview with the magazine last week prompted me to set up a brand new site for women who face challenges in the work place. Just reviewed it with my business coach this morning, looking cool. Watch this space!

This article will be published in April’s issue and it gave me some time to quickly put together some tips for women who face difficulties being women at work. And it seems only natural that I will reveal one (just one for now!) of the tips that I use when I was in corporate world.

It may not come as a surprise to you but men are just as emotional as women, they just do not show it! This I quote from ScienceGoGo.

I have a fun experiment a while ago with my life coach, I told her that I tend to be an emotional person and if I suppress my feelings, they would only surface later on and very powerfully too! And I really do want to feel my emotions so what’s the solution?

As we talked, I came up with an idea that we both thought was worth trying. I implemeted it and It was both liberating and rewarding. I am still "testing" it but am happy to share this for you to try out too.

In this week’s Heart-to-Heart Coffee Talk, I will give one tip on how to feel your emotions, be the person that you are and live free and fulfilling lives celebrating your unique womanly qualities.

If you like to join me on this easy-going Coffee Talk, just register for the call here. You don’t have to go anywhere, just dial in on the phone and directly access me. The call is free and we will have a great time. It is taking place 18th March, 8pm US EST in the comfort of your home or home office.

Leave me your comments if you want to share with me what works for you.

Talk soon!

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