Abundance Vs Scarcity – Give and Take?

Dedicated To All Who Embrace Abundance

Question I ponder on today is "Give or Take?"

Would you seek to add value in your actions, words and posts or will you take as much as you can and not want to acknowledge, support or give back to others?

These are extremes. Most of use will be somewhere in between this spectrum.
But give this a thought.

– The Abundance mindset is happy to share and support.
– It rejoices with those who succeed.
– It is also happy to acknowledge and give back to the person whom he has taken from.

In simple terms if we use another person's quote, phrase or articles we acknowledge the source.

If we ask for referral or advice, we acknowledge the support and give credit to the referral.

Simple right? Yet not everyone sees this though.

Let me give you an example.
I continue to see my articles being published without the resource box (where there are links back to the author's blog).

One coaching client asks why I put my article, podcasts and videos on the internet where others can take, copy and use as their own?

Here's my response to him:
1 – The more my ideas, articles and quotes are copied, the more certain I am that I am on the right track.

2 – It also shows that there is value and quality in my services and products and I am thankful for that.

3 – The one who copies does not really understand the issue at hand and our audience is getting more savvy. They can tell if you are the creator or if you are merely regurgitating. Also know that upgrades and support comes from the creator. Those who copy gets sketchy images of the real thing.

4 – I choose to concentrate on those who embrace the Abundance mindset and not focus on those who choose scarcity. Think Bill Gates, as my coach constantly reminds me. There are lots of pirated copies of Microsoft software floating around, but that doesn't stop Bill from researching, inventing, creating, producing. Today he still dominates a greater part of the market. He is the real deal.

5 – I choose more of Abundance and less of Scarcity. There is no need to be stressed-out by events that are not within our control.

Abundance is knowing that there is enough to go around.

Start sharing, acknowledging, praising and feel Abundance!
The more you contribute to the success of others, the more blessed you will be

May you have an Abundant Day!

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