Vision And Values For Dynamic Stress-Free Living

I just finish preparing my new eGuide that helps deal with tension, pressure and stress.

If there is one point I want to bring across, it will be this point on vision and values. If we can get more clarity on this one point, it will help release a lot of unnecessary tension in our lives. So I though I would include an excerpt of pointer number 5 of the eGuide with quick and effective tips for handling tension, pressure and stress.

"We talked about having a clear vision in the last section. I hope by now you are clear about what you are pursuing. This is a driving force behind you, motivating and fuelling you forward no matter what situation you find yourself in.

If we can get on a call together, we would have a little bit more time to work on your vision and core values and you would be able to see how these tips builds on top of each other.

But for now, Let us continue to address the foundation and internal issues which if unchecked will manifest as external symptoms of stress outwardly.

Knowing your vision and being able to align your values to your goals is fundamental to all that you are doing.

Have you identified the core values in your life? Would you know what are some of the fundamental and basic values which you cherish most in your life? What beliefs, values or principals do you hold dear to your heart?

Align your goals and what you do with what you cherish in life. When your activities are aligned with your mission, the activities that you do will not be burdensome because you know that you are adding value to others, you are fulfilling your course and mission.

You get the sense of fulfilment and enjoyment
even if you are tired and stressed out if what you do and how you live is in alignment with your core values. Conversely, if you find life exhausting and draining then the sense of mission may not be very clear to you yet. Or that your activities may not be in alignment with what you value and enjoy. Therefore there is no inspiration or motivation.

Identify your values: These are what we will do in the Stress-Free Living in 30 Days Home Study Format: what are some things that are important to you? Given the limited time and resource you want to spend all you resources on only what you value.

Which of the following would be your fundamental values:
– Financial Stability/Freedom
– Family (you can further break that down)
– Health/Fitness/Energy/Vitality
– Inner Harmony
– Sense of Fulfilment/Success
– Personal Achievement
– Contribution to Community etc

If you jot down the amount of time you spend on each of the items you value, you will then be able to have an idea of whether you are living in alignment with your core values.

What happens if you are not living in alignment with your true values? You inner true self wants one thing yet you are spending you limited time and resources on another.

Guess what? You are being pulled in different directions. This creates great tension and pressure; thus stress. And if left unattended to, you will pop when the pressure gets too much. So deal with it now while you still have a chance to address the issue.

You will not be functioning at your best capacity if your values are not in alignment with your goal. Imagine a car with wheels all going in different directions, you are burning fuel but not getting any forward movement and in the process, the tires will be worn out with lots of exhaust, waste products.

Alignment is not something that you do once. Just as you need to periodically send your car for check up and tuning, you too need regular "self care" and "maintenance". This is what I do in my group coaching sessions where we will have real and fierce conversations with ongoing support and structures to help each member live in authenticity and alignment to their own values for optimal success and enjoyment.

You will be able to function at your best when you allow your true self to shine through. Ask yourself what you value most and plan how you want to spend your time and resources doing what you value. Be your authentic self.

This does not happen overnight. When you have the framework of what is important then you can work around that and fit or hang the rest onto this framework. It may take some tearing down before you can build on the structure. And the key here is to first identify what the values are and then see if you are in alignment.

Although tools and techniques can bring you quick relief from stress, having the right foundation and lifestyle will bring you a longer lasting sense of fulfilment and calmness.

I encourage you to use both the quick tools we learned in the first two sessions as well as go deep into the foundation for a change in the way you think, behave and live.

If all these are sounding like Greek to you and you would like to have more discussion on this topic, you can check out my free audio and mini course on how to deal with stress. All the tips I share in this series will be further elaborated in the program."

End of excerpt.  I hope you find this helpful. To fully benefit from this pointer, you need to make use of the tip shared here. Having the knowledge does not give you any power or advantage. Making use of your knowledge will give you the unfair advantage and power. I hope this helps.

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