Reach Out, Share Your Load And Joys

Single moms that I have met are some of the most independent, resourceful, and creative women I have known.  They go to great lengths to take care of everyone in the family, tending to all needs and making sure everything is kept under control.  They do not even allow themselves to take rest or leave of absence if they are unwell because they want to save that day off for when they need to stay home to care for their children when they are not feeling well. 

Along with the need for survival comes the notion that single moms are super moms, strong and invincible.  Super moms don’t ask for help because somehow that may be perceived as a sign of weakness.  But how far from the truth is that?  Because of that perspective many single moms carry the load of the burden by themselves.

It will be interesting to discuss our concept and understanding of “weakness”.  Perhaps that would make a good topic for this week’s discussion.  What is weakness and why is reaching out for support considered a sign of weakness?   How does that relate to the mentality of Abundance?  For now I would just like to underline the importance that single moms seek out support for themselves. 

You need to take care of yourself so you will be able to go for the long haul.  Reaching out is a strategic move, not a selfish move.  You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.  So do allow yourself to reach out for support not only from your family and your friends but also from those in your community; seek out support from other single moms too.  In a group environment you get to learn from others as well as inspire others. 

Raising a family on your own requires that you take great care of yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.  Recharge your batteries regularly with self care and self development.  I invite you to join us on our weekly calls.  You will get to know other single moms, have some fun too while we learn from each other to be better mamas. 

If you would like to join a safe and supportive group, just sign up on the form in the Event Page.  We will have a refreshing and up building time in these group calls.  You can seek out support as well as celebrate your successes with us.  Either way lives are impacted, and we get to enjoy the journey a little with lightened hearts.  

I hope to extend support and encouragement to you.   Share with us your load and your joys and I look forward to getting to know you on the web!  

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