Dream Big and Work Hard

Dream Big And Take Big Actions
Dream Big And Take Big Actions

We talked about dreaming big in our earlier post.

When we limit ourselves with self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs, it will be very difficult to push past what we label as “impossible”.

On the other hand, if we only dream outrageous dreams and not act upon them, we will be disappointed with tattered aspirations and broken dreams.

Let’s try another exercise today.

Let’s take a piece of paper and draw three columns for your dreams. List down dreams under the ‘I Can Accomplish’ column. Then work on the ‘I May Be Able To Accomplish’ column and the ‘I Don’t Know How I Can Accomplish’ column.

First column should be easy; you can write down previous accomplishments and those you are confident of achieving.
Second column may require some thoughts.
Then take your red marker pen, cross out the current title for the third column and write ‘What I Need to Do to Accomplish My Dreams

When you phrase it this way, you are inviting your mind to give you options. These challenging dreams now become possible endeavors. Instead of shutting them out from your sphere of possibility, you are now opening up new opportunities that you can conquer.

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?
What can you do to overcome these barriers?

You may be surprised at what you come up with for the third column. You will find that the dreams you thought impossible are achievable with actionable steps. And the impossible begins to seem possible.

You do not need to limit your imagination; nor subdue your passion. Aim high, and start working towards that goal step by step. However, try not to set a goal that you are not willing to work hard towards. Unrealistic goals will only disappoint you.

Was it Thomas Edison that said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? For one to accomplish his dreams, there has to be had work and discipline. And that 1% has to do with thinking big.

There is no growth unless you stretch yourself. Life is all about growth. Challenge yourself once in a while; get out of your comfort zone. Do something you do not dare to do (within moral and ethical limits) and feel your own potential.

When I feel discouraged and uncertain, I go learn something new. I remember a time when I was going through a rough patch. I had wanted to withdraw and be invisible.

Then I thought the best way to counter that is to face my fears and get out of my well drawn comfort zone.

I had always loved the water and wanted to dive so I can weave among the corals and swim among the myriad of fish up close. But the thing is I am rather myopic and with astigmatism; I can barely see without my glasses. And I am dead scared of the cold. I sneeze like 19 times every morning. And if I were to learn to dive before I leave Sydney, I would need to do it in the winter as my project was coming to an end then.

Well you know the rest of the story. I signed up for class, went for the training and got myself certified. It was very empowering to be able to work towards that goal. Once I got over the mental battle, I looked forward to the pool sessions and going out into the open sea in the early mornings.

It was such a wonderful experience. Apart from having a blast I out grew my unfounded fears and became a different person. And amazingly that power and confidence translates to other areas of my life.

And when you achieve one dream it will fuel you to move towards other dreams with greater certainty. So dream big and ask yourself what skills you need to learn and what new knowledge you need to acquire in order to work towards your dream. In other words, what is your next step? Then just do it! Action is the only thing standing between you and your dream!

If you need a little help in mapping out your dreams and your “how to steps”, just write in for a strategy session and start working on achieving your dreams.

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