eMail Management Solutions For Your Daily Work

Are you receiving so many emails that you are getting a sense of email phobia or email overwhelm? The emails will only increase. But no worries, here's a simple way to stay on top of things – you can manage your emails and stay stress-free.

Let me know if this is helpful! Look out for more tips coming.

3 comments on “eMail Management Solutions For Your Daily Work

  1. Louisa:
    This is a great introduction to the power of gmail. I am a big fan of keeping the inbox empty. I agree with you that it helps to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for making the video. Another great tool to consider are google labs. In addition to using the recommendations you have provided, I use the lab by Vivi called Multiple Inboxes. This allows me to see my unread email in a list different from my inbox but on the front page of gmail. This way I can, at a glance, see what is new and decide what to process (once or twice a day).
    Keep creating these tips! We all need to be reminded of them.
    ~Linda DeLuca, Executive Coach

    • Hi There Linda,

      Great to see you dropping by here and thank you for your tip!
      Google does offer us a lot of tools in its lab and choosing the right one to go with our email management strategy can sometimes be a chore in itself!

      Keep those comments coming and thanks again.


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